High 'Heel' Society

Hello there!!

I had the most wonderful evening last night. A few weeks back I had absent mindedly entered a competition run by Clark's Shoes, the prize was VIP entry for myself and a guest to their 'High Heel Society'. Held at the Metropolitan Hotel on Park Lane we arrived and were escorted in a private lift up to the Penthouse Suite where we mingled with the other competition winners and some fabulous style bloggers, were fed delicious canapes, macaroons and pick 'n' mix and drank champagne. We were massaged, photographed, interviewed and generally treated like princesses. Oh, and we got to choose three pairs of shoes from the Clark's S/S 2012 that we liked the best and they'll send us a pair!! Not sure which pair but I love all three of my picks so I'll be happy with whatever I get!!

Anyway, here's some pictures!!

- Clare and I on the train
- Macaroons and (badly done) polka dot nails
- Clare and I eating said macaroons
- The COMO Penthouse, other competition winners, the pick 'n' mix, the Clark's S/S 2012 collection displayed
- Pretty knackered on the train home, shoes off
- Shoe heaven of Converse today for my poor feet
- My three choices: Cavier Gold Floral (part of Clark's collaboration with Liberty), Dollar Craze in Ochre, Scent Trail in Gold

We had a great evening and our late night hobble in our stockinged feet to MacDonalds on Baker Street for an almost Midnight snack only added to the fun.

Spent ages talking to these two fabulous and interesting ladies - they were lovely, check out their blogs!!


Hopefully soon I'll be able to get hold of some of the better quality photos the people from Clark's took at the event!!

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These are a few of my favourite things....

Hello there!!

So, until I have more pictures of clothes purchases/food/myself to share with you I thought I'd tell you a bit more about myself and the things I like:

 I like the feeling of not wearing any make up. Unfortunately I don't like the way I look without make up on so it's rare you'll see a picture of me without a full face of cosmetics.
My teddy bear. My Grandmother gave him to me the day I was born. He has a wind up mechanism on his back which when you wind it he plays 'Rock-a-bye Baby', this still works as I rarely wind him up anymore. He has survived a house fire which is miraculous as I'd have been inconsolable had he been destroyed, really he should be called 'Invinci-Bear' (ha ha see what I did there?) but I prefer his real name of 'Teddy Mercury' as it reflects my long term love of Queen.
 Since I moved back in with Mum and Dad I use any minor opportunity to personalise my little bedroom. The cat magnet was a Christmas present from my Aunt, she also made me the ceramic heart.
 I love anything with birds on. I picked up this little beauty with a bell for £1.75 in a local crafts shop.

The family dogs are a constant source of joy to me. Stella is a beagle crossed with a golden labrador and Murphy is a corgi cross.

I also love; wearing my hair up in a high ponytail as I enjoy how it feels when it swishes from side to side in a rather jaunty manner, how when you listen to a certain piece of music it makes you feel so powerful and strong - like you could do anything you put your mind to.

What are your favourite things fellow bloggers?

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Mommy dearest

Hello there lovelies,

Literally falling asleep as I write this so apologies if this post ends up being riddled with spelling mistakes.

Just a quick shout out to my Mum really seeing as it's Mother's Day.
Here she is looking suitably lovely. She is all the more special because twice in my lifetime I have come close to losing her (she has successfully kicked cancer's ass on two occasions) so although quite often I take the piss out of her and sometimes we argue, she is an amazing lady, a great Mum and the best friend a girl could have.

I treated her to a home cooked 3 course dinner tonight. I forgot to photograph the first course (grilled halloumi on rocket, spinach & watercress leaves with harissa dresssing) but managed to remember to take photos of the second and third courses so without further ado....

Lamb tagine for Dad and I
Vegetable tagine for Mum and my Sister
Raspberry cheesecake!!

I was pleased with how it all turned out and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Mission accomplished and Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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Fashion, turn to the left....

Well hello again!! After an evening of playing dress up at Clare's house so she could photograph me in all my new charity shop/jumble sale gear for this blog I feel I have fully regressed to my teenage self, sprawled across my bed drinking Diet Coke at this ridiculous hour and blogging (although as a teenager we didn't have a family computer let alone laptops!). I feel I should mention at this point that Clare and I have known each other for a very long time, she's one of my oldest and closest friends in fact. We met at college after having admired each other from afar at the bus stop and have been thick as thieves ever since (apart from a 5 year gap where we didn't speak, which was awful and I'm not proud of it).

When we first became friends we looked a bit like this (sorry Clare although you look SO much better than me!!):
In our early 20's we looked more like this:

Clare's bedroom is still quite similar now to how it was when we spent hours as teenagers in it, watching films, giving each other makeovers and dressing up for impromptu photoshoots. As you can see this is still a popular pastime for us!
Dress - Jumble sale
Shoes - a birthday gift from previous work colleagues many years ago (I was v.impressed by their generousity!!)
Skirt, blazer and belt - nicked from Clare
'Heathers' scowl - model's own
Skirt - Charity shop
Sweater - borrowed from Clare
Directional Kate Bush pose - model's own
Chinese brocade jacket - jumble sale
Leggings - H&M
Dress - nicked from Clare
Jumpsuit - Charity shop
Dress - jumble sale
Belt - borrowed from Clare
Sequinned sweatshirt - jumble sale
Vest - H&M
Jeans - Levis
Here I am pulling a face at some hideous people on 'Don't Tell The Bride', we switched it off shortly afterwards.


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