Tate-ing it up, going to Korea and turning Japanese

Hi there!!

So I had a very busy, fun-filled and exciting weekend.

On Saturday I went to watch my boyfriend play rugby, it was bitterly cold and wet despite me having tried to dress appropriately for the weather (boots, thick socks, jeans, vest, shirt, jumper and quilted jacked with hood). But his team had a very good win so it made my suffering worthwhile. Next time though I plan to arm myself with a thermos, a hip flask and a blanket!!

In the evening I went out for several cocktails with the rugby boys and my housemates, we danced a lot and I ended up wearing one of the boy's tweed blazers and a tie around my head rambo style, so evidently it was a messy night. Thankfully there are no photos of this!!

On Sunday myself and Clare went into London to meet the lovely David from GWH Photography for a day of arsty fun-ness, starting at the Tate Modern.

We met at St. Pauls...

It was grey and very cold but I always love London.

There is an exhibition at the Tate Modern currently which is free and called The Tanks: Art in Action. A fifteen week festival celebrating performance and installation art, more info here: http://www.tate.org.uk/context-comment/video/tanks-art-action

It was really interesting walking in and out of all these enormous tanks and enjoying the interactive art installations in them.

We then wandered around the usual public galleries. This particular piece never fails to catch my attention so I thought I'd photograph it this time!

Clare looking completely awesome.

After all that culture we were hungry so David took us to a Korean restaurant in Central.

Kimchee, seaweed and pickled cucumber, mmmm

Gyoza obsessed, these were delicious!!

David's fantastic looking stone pot.

I had beef with glass noodles and tonnes of veggies.

David and I

Sabre tooth!

Or chopstick vampires....

Once we'd re-fuelled on Korean food David and Clare took me to the purikura photo booths at London Photo Sticker Club.

This was easily my favourite part of the day, using pre-set backgrounds and foregrounds and an array of mirror effects you can make the most amazing photos.

It's super fun, pretty cheap and certainly something different to do on a grey, wet and cold Sunday.

These are some of the results from our trip....

These purikura booths are the only ones in the UK, but getting to London is certainly easier than getting to Japan.

I'm definitely going to go again very soon, I think I could get addicted to it!!

Happy Halloween!

Themed post to come soon.

Bye for now,

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