Only if for a night....

Hello there!

I hope you're all well?

I have come down with a stinking cold which is most annoying, I'm looking forward to an extremely early night tonight with a hot water bottle, a good DVD and a sausage casserole. I know, so rock 'n' roll!

But, last night I went to see Florence & The Machine, and it was a superb evening. She was performing at the o2 (which even if you live close to London is a MAJOR effort to get to, try 2 1/2 hours there and 1 hour 45 back, I got home at 1am and currently trying to exist on 5 hours sleep, cake is aiding this!!) and my friends and I had been looking forward to it for ages.

Florence is probably one of the more commercial artists that I listen to, I mostly listen to electronic music and indie, but I really like her style of song writing and as performer she's really rather special. Her vocals are incredible, her entire stage presence is incredibly theatrical, her costumes and sets are well thought out and perfectly executed and she brings so much energy to her shows. It really is a visual spectacle watching her live.

We started the evening with a delicious and extremely budget friendly meal at Thai Silk in the arena, the restaurant felt quite elegant and the food was great!

I had roasted duck with stir-fried vegetables

Lovely Isabelle & Stef looking after the showtime snacks!

Stef and I

I wore my new leather look disco pants, a black Element vest and a black crocheted jumper

We were sat quite far back and high up but still had a good view

I wasn't able to get many photos of Florence doing her thing as the battery on my phone started to die and so the flash would no longer work on the camera.

One thing I particularly like about Florence is her style as an artist, effortlessly blending pre-Raphaelite, gothic Victoriana and 20's/30's era fashions to make a look that helps to embody and personify her ethereal and dramatic music. She's brave and confident with her costume choices which I love.

So glad I went, I've been meaning to go to more gigs (I used to go to loads) and this was definitely a stand out one.

I'm pleased it's Thursday, I feel rubbish so I'm looking forward to relaxing over the weekend although I will be braving the Christmas shopping hoardes in Watford on Saturday to do the annual present buying pilgrimage with my Mother (I'm sure we'll use it as an opportunity to gossip over lunch too!).

Next week I am off to Cardiff for a short break - have any of you been? If so, recommendations for shops (particularly vintage or individual boutiques), restaurants and bars for yummy cocktails would be gratefully received!!


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