Into the Wild(erness)

Well hello there,

As usual I am tired, overworked and long overdue on my blog update.

Much as I love my job (and I really do!!), I have been working really long hours lately and am glad to have a three day weekend to recover. I have a big to do list but the first thing is to update you all on Vintage at the Wilderness festival.

Most photos credited to Clare as she is a much better photographer than me (and my camera ran out of battery after the first day!!).

I had a great time and met some wonderful people, including the lovely David and Jessie, as well as all the amazing people behind the Bad Art Salon, like Paul, Ellie and Zoe.
Definitely going to go again next year!!
I'm off for a walk with my Mum now but promise I'll write again soon. Promise!!
L xx

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Utterly useless

Hi everyone!

So, after promising recently in this very blog to be more active in terms of posting, reading the blogs I follow and commenting on all your lovely updates I'm afraid I have lapsed back into my bad habits of rarely looking on here.

It honestly is usually due to a lack of time rather than laziness though I must add!!!

In the last couple of weeks since I bothered to write anything in here I decided to have a massive chunk of my hair shaved off (I think it looks good and am now making more of an effort to style my hair differently so as to best display my 'sidecut' as I think the kids are calling it these days), been socialising more with my new housemates, running the company I work for while my boss was on holiday - and almost suffered a nervous breakdown as a result, and generally just galloping around feeling like I need more hours in the day.

This weekend is Wilderness Festival which I am extremely excited about although somewhat sartorially underprepared for. Due to the fact I have very little spare money at the moment I think I'll try and find the time for a quick gander around my local charity shops to find some suitably 'outre' outfits, otherwise I shall feel like a very boring, ugly duckling in a sea of fabulously camp, kitsch, glittery and downright bonkers swans.

I shall endeavor to post some styling photos pre-Festival so you can all give me your advice on what to pack - I shall need it!

Ta ta for now.

L x
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