Thursday Fives

Hello there!

Now, I know for sure that I have five friendly people who read my witterings in this blog and I am very pleased about that. I also like to read what they have to say for themselves.

However now that I plan to be a lot more active in this blog I feel it is time to expand my reading list and my followers so I have a task for you.

Yes you.

You lovely people!

Please can you each recommend five blogs that you think I'll enjoy reading, as varied on subject matter as possible is appreciated - I love art, interiors, photography, fashion, food, travel and music so I'm happy to read about any of that.

And please can you recommend my blog to five people who follow you in the hope that I can rack up a few more nice people commenting on my little stories?

Thanks so much in advance!! Looking forward to making new blog acquaintances.

L x

Update: Whoops, I have just noticed that I've accrued a new follower so I now have six lovely people following me!! Please do feel free to recommend blogs for me to read though and recommend me to others.

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