Go Team GB!

Hello there!!

As usual I'm sorry for my lack of writing in here, I promise to get better at it, please bear with me!

I managed to have a few days off work last week and the weather was GLORIOUS. I was so lucky to have an opportunity to go to London and see the athletics at the Paralympics on Wednesday!! It was an absolutely amazing, incredible, special and humbling experience. Never before have I been to an event (particularly in London, sorry Londoners) where I have felt such a sense of community, togetherness, happiness and team spirit. Everyone was smiling and I must admit I had my doubts about the organisation of it all but they were dashed when I saw how friendly and helpful all the volunteers and organisers were and how easy and  uncomplicated they made travelling to/from the venue, getting through security etc. Boris Johnson, Lord Coe et al truly did a top job!!!

Anyway, enough gushing about it, here are some photos:

Literally THE most patriotic looking lady I saw all day!!

Johnnie Peacock getting ready to run.

And amazing Oscar....

I literally had the best day and am so sad it's all over. What will we all talk about, unite over and hope for now?!!

Til next time.

L x

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