The Tempest

Friday's healthy lunch - chicken & duck crystal rolls and duck sushi.

Friday's unhealthy lust - a navy and neon lace dress from Whistles.

Shopping obsessed at the moment, I also want this outfit from New Look. I don't normally even like their clothes!

My hair was unusually massive on Saturday so I thought I'd take advantage of the volume and do a bit of a trashy 80's look....

I think the title of this post is quite apt. I don't know about you guys but here in the Home Counties we had atrocious weather over the weekend - quite a departure from the glorious heat and sunshine of the Bank Holiday. In fact, whilst driving over to my Sister's house for dinner on Saturday night we were treated to an incredibly dramatic hail storm, complete with thunder and lightening!!

I saw a tempest of a different kind over the weekend too. I have been lucky enough to have had a few cultured days out recently, what with my trip to 'Pick Me Up' at Somerset House previously and yesterday I went to see The Tempest performed by the RSC at The Globe Theatre.

As a lifelong Shakespeare fan I was super excited, so without further ado (about nothing. Ha ha.) I'll show you some photos that I snapped on my day out.

Big smile listening to Spotify on the train journey.

I wore my new stripy dress from H&M.

One of my favourite places in London, Borough Market. Most of the stalls were shut yesterday which was odd!! So no foodie lunch for me :(

The brand shiny new entrance to The Globe.

Being a gift shop geek!

The theatre is amazing, difficult to believe when you're sat in it that it has been here for over 500 years.

Smug at being undercover when we experienced a brief rain shower!!

We weren't allowed to take photos once the performance started so unfortunately I haven't got any of the fantastic actors or all the incredible costumes they wore.

A healthy interval snack of wasabi popcorn from Pret a Manger, surprisingly delicious and only 137 calories for the whole giant bag. So of course I ate all of it.

I managed to take a sneaky photo during the second half of the performance but then put my phone away as I was paranoid I'd get told off for taking photos!!

After watching the play we wandered along the South Bank to the Tate Modern as we had tickets for the Lictenstein exhibition. There are definitely no photos of this I'm afraid as the security guards at the Tate were enforcing a no photography policy throughout the exhibit so I didn't dare even try!! Sorry!

The exhibition was interesting but not being the biggest fan of Lichtenstein or Pop Art in general I think I preferred the play!

I always love to walk past St Paul's.

I bought Elle for the train journey home and couldn't resist a far less healthy snack of Tangfastics. I'm ashamed to say I snaffled the lot as well!! I got my 'just desserts' though, I felt really sick for about an hour afterwards.

And finally 'Mister Whatlisawrote' enjoying his eye of newt flavoured lollipop that I bought for him from the Globe gift shop.

All in all it was a lovely day out with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are two very fab ladies to hang out with.

Hope you all had a super weekend.


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