quick humpday update

Hello all,

Thank goodness it's wednesday, I can feel the weekend getting closer and that can only be a good thing!!

Need to set aside some time this week to make my Halloween confectionary for the little gathering I am having on Saturday, seen a great recipe on twitter from the lovely GBBO finalist Holly Bell so I might give that a whirl - watch this space!

Had a lovely time on Sunday at the Soho Hotel, wonderful three course lunch where the only thing I could possibly fault was that my yorkshire pudding was a little over done. As it was a bit of a follow on celebration for the lovely Isabelle's birthday the hotel had been told it was a special occasion and so once we had finished our lunch they brought out a big plate of chocolate with a candle in and sang Happy Birthday. I might not go to the Soho Hotel very often after this (it not being particularly cheap) but anywhere that celebrates someone's birthday with a pile of broken up gourmet chocolate and fruit can only be good in my book!


Bye for now!
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