Outfit Post: Caramel

Well hello,

I know, "another post so soon?!!" I hear you cry.

I said I'd try and be better so this is my attempt at it.

I don't have loads to write about at the moment, I've been a little less busy with work and as a result I have more time to myself in the evenings so I've re-joined my local ladies rugby team.

Yes, I play rugby.


Although I haven't played in about three years so I'm pretty rusty!! It's good fun though and this combined with the fact I have been hitting the gym pretty hard too means I'm feeling in much better shape than I have done lately.

This combined with the fact that Autumn appears to be well and truly upon us has made me decide to try a few new outfit ideas so I thought I'd do a little outfit post....

Caramel leather skirt - jumble sale
Top, Coat and Boots - H&M
The skirt is a delicious caramel/butterscotch colour, perfect now the colder weather is beginning to draw in as it makes me think of yummy, comforting puddings like treacle tart or sticky toffee pudding!!!
Anyway, off to bed now. Will post again soon.
L x
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