Photo post

Hi all,

Sorry for my lack of posting and commenting again recently, been uber busy but hoping to do some fun stuff in order to inspire more blog posts soon!!

For now here are a few recent photos to serve as a quick insight into life lately....

Thought I'd try a new recipe for a delicious home made brunch - avocado mashed up with creme fraiche and plenty of garlic spread on toast, topped with salsa, turkey bacon and fried or poached eggs. Surprisingly good when hungover.

Saw this chocolate bar in my local deli and was amused by the witty packaging - I am a packaging geek as it's what I do for a living!!

Myself and Oliver at his cousin's wedding the other weekend...

...the venue was a place in Essex called Layer Marney Tower, a magnificent Tudor building from the reign of Henry VIII and a stunning place to have a wedding. The food was top drawer too.

I've been on a health kick this week so plenty of exercise and yummy breakfasts that are good for me have been the order of the day.

Should be able to post a bit more soon!!

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