September Photo Update

Hey there!!

Been out and about a fair bit lately and managed to take some photos on my travels so thought I'd do a little photo update post.

Here goes.

A successful 'stitch and bitch' day at Clare's house.

Having a fit of giggles at work, kindly captured by my Creative Director.

Fancy new mani.

Working a new look, I was aiming for 'land girl'. I was asked what gang member I had come as, whether I was now a bedouin person and should I be minding a tractor. I didn't care, I love this look!

Playing with new filter app on my Samsung Galaxy whilst brunching on a huge club sandwich. Yum.

Twilight sky.

Being greedy at Gourmet Burger Kitchen on a recent trip to Westfield.

My lovely boyfriend and I went on a trip to his hometown of Tiptree in Essex over the weekend to visit his family - I begged him to take me to the famous Tiptree Jam Factory.

What a dashing gentleman.

Especially for Clare - we both love weird taxidermy.

I wondered if this was kindly donated by one of my long lost ancestors.

Happy looking ladies from Victorian times who worked at the factory.

This made me giggle more than it should've.

Cream tea!!!!!

Mouth full.

I found this fun, free and easy gif maker online. I can tell I'll be spicing up plenty more posts with this little beauty!!

What have you all been up to?

L xx
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Outfit Post: Caramel

Well hello,

I know, "another post so soon?!!" I hear you cry.

I said I'd try and be better so this is my attempt at it.

I don't have loads to write about at the moment, I've been a little less busy with work and as a result I have more time to myself in the evenings so I've re-joined my local ladies rugby team.

Yes, I play rugby.


Although I haven't played in about three years so I'm pretty rusty!! It's good fun though and this combined with the fact I have been hitting the gym pretty hard too means I'm feeling in much better shape than I have done lately.

This combined with the fact that Autumn appears to be well and truly upon us has made me decide to try a few new outfit ideas so I thought I'd do a little outfit post....

Caramel leather skirt - jumble sale
Top, Coat and Boots - H&M
The skirt is a delicious caramel/butterscotch colour, perfect now the colder weather is beginning to draw in as it makes me think of yummy, comforting puddings like treacle tart or sticky toffee pudding!!!
Anyway, off to bed now. Will post again soon.
L x
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Go Team GB!

Hello there!!

As usual I'm sorry for my lack of writing in here, I promise to get better at it, please bear with me!

I managed to have a few days off work last week and the weather was GLORIOUS. I was so lucky to have an opportunity to go to London and see the athletics at the Paralympics on Wednesday!! It was an absolutely amazing, incredible, special and humbling experience. Never before have I been to an event (particularly in London, sorry Londoners) where I have felt such a sense of community, togetherness, happiness and team spirit. Everyone was smiling and I must admit I had my doubts about the organisation of it all but they were dashed when I saw how friendly and helpful all the volunteers and organisers were and how easy and  uncomplicated they made travelling to/from the venue, getting through security etc. Boris Johnson, Lord Coe et al truly did a top job!!!

Anyway, enough gushing about it, here are some photos:

Literally THE most patriotic looking lady I saw all day!!

Johnnie Peacock getting ready to run.

And amazing Oscar....

I literally had the best day and am so sad it's all over. What will we all talk about, unite over and hope for now?!!

Til next time.

L x

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