Summer (?) jaunts and general busy-ness

Well hello there!

Sorry for my lack of posting and commenting recently, I went away for a few days (more to come on that in a separate post) and was then struck down with a particularly nasty stomach bug on the day I returned so the remainder of my week off has involved lying in bed, watching films, reading the paper, making incredibly good progress with the book I am reading (The Slap by Christos Tsolkias if anyone's interested) and I managed to summon the energy to venture out for my friend's birthday dinner on Saturday night, but sadly failed to eat all of my pizza - something which prompted much incredulity from my chums. I also managed to drag myself out to do some food shopping yesterday and baked a cake in the afternoon so it wasn't all bad.

Tonight I am off to the House of Commons with work for a debate on whether or not sexualised imagery in advertising needs to be controlled by statutory regulation. I am rather excited and will try to take some photos as I have never been inside the Houses of Parliament before!!

Toodle pip for now.

L xx
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