It's Friday I'm in love....

as Robert Smith once sang. And what better opportunity to do an entry about things I'm currently loving/lusting after.I seem to have developed a bit of an obsession with folksy cushions, they'd certainly brighten up my 'compact' bedroom! The shoes are simply beautiful and by a designer called Penelope Chilvers. At nearly £300 they are also out of my price range but rest assured should I ever win the lottery they'll be first on my shopping list (I know, priorities right?!).

The leopard jeans and butterfly dress are however much more affordable, both being from popular high street retailers. I might get them at the weekend in fact, although really I shouldn't!

I have put the picture of daffodils in there because their lovely yellow colour always cheers me up and I have a vase full of them on my desk which are in the process of flowering. Working in an office with no plants or flowers would make me sad.

Off I go to Waitrose now to purchase the ingredients needed for my steak dinner.

Happy Friday everyone!


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