2012 has gone, welcome 2013....

Hello there,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and here's to a happy New Year!!

I would do a post on all the lovely gifts I received for Christmas but the majority of it is in storage until I move into my new flat in a couple of weeks (which is very exciting in itself!). A few things worth mentioning though are:

- A fabulous food processor from my parents, I know this probably doesn't sound that exciting but trust me, to a nearly 30 year old woman who LOVES to cook this was an awesome present.

- I was given two onsies, and they both have hoods, ears and tails. I love how I am the eldest child in my family of cousins etc and yet I am bought the most childish lounge-wear!

- Some lovely earrings from my lovely boyfriend.

- A gorgeous three-wicked candle in a big glass holder which I am looking forward to scenting my new home with.

- Recipe books!!

- Enough chocolate and sweets to last all year.

I can't wait to be in my new place so I can play with all my gifts and experiment in the kitchen.

Currently I have de-camped to my boyfriend's studio apartment so space is at a premium but we're getting on marvellously despite my continued efforts to 'girlify' the bathroom...

I started 2012 in a sad, lonely and frightened place, having not long come out of a six year relationship. When I started blogging I never really thought anyone would be very interested to read my ramblings so I am pleased and grateful for my loyal followers and all the nice comments you leave me.

Last year was very much a year of change for me, most of it positive but there were plenty of ups and downs, and it ended on a very happy note. I made new friends and spent time with old ones, tried new things and forged a career for myself that I love (despite all my moaning about how it takes over my life!), and although I have plenty of regrets I won't let them stop me from moving forwards with my life.

This year I plan to be fitter and healthier (less junk food, more exercise), devote some of my spare time to charitable work, join a local theatre group (I do miss treading the boards!), be a more proactive friend, have a better work/life balance - no more long hours being a habit rather than a necessity, be more creative, and organise at least two trips of a lifetime.

I also plan to blog a lot more and increase my network of friends and accquaintances on here as I enjoy broadening my horizons and finding out about other people.

Here's to 2013!!

(Me in one of the aforementioned onesies)


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