Hair SOS - a challenge!

Hello there!!

Just a quick stop here as I am busy busy busy with work today. BUT, I am getting my hair cut and coloured tonight. Looking forward to it as it's been AGES since either has been done so my hair is in a bit of a state!

At the moment I have really long hair (well, the longest it's been for me since I was about ten years old) but I never do anything with it. If it's clean I wear it loose with a slight natural wave. If it's dirty I'll whack it into a bun or a ponytail. And leave it like that for about three days or until I can be bothered to wash it. Sorry, you're probably all thinking "ewww" as you read this.

I rarely try new styles and this got me thinking - what's the point in having long hair if I never experiment with different ways of styling it? As someone who is often short on time when it comes to their daily beauty routine (it's difficult enough for me to remember to wear make up, let alone spend time on styling my hair) I need quick, easy styles that maximise my hair but minimise the amount of time I spend looking in the mirror with a mouthful of bobby pins and a scowl!

So, I will set myself a challenge to try at least THREE new ways of styling my hair per week. Having had a quick look on various blogs and tumblrs there are a lot of tutorials out there on how to create different hairstyles that are easy and quick. Here's a gallery of some styles I'd like to try:

Everyone loves heidi braids right?!

Simple french pleat with loosely quiffed front.

I've come to the conclusion that I have a massive hair crush on Blake Lively....

Easy peasy messy ponytail.

Screen siren waves - should be a doddle with hot tongs!

A modern 'Bardot' half-up half-down.

Cute little hippy plaits tucked into a low, messy bun.

All images above courtesy of Google Image Search.

Modern de-constructed chignon.

Nice twist on the usual ballet bun - accessorize!

Images credited to Elleuk.com

I fear fishtail plaits as they look super complicated. Surely the tutorial on lovely blogger Grace & Braver's blog will help me get over my nerves!!

Pretty side twist, I love this.

From Google Image Search.

Hair twisted on both sides then put into a bun.

Image credit to Valentina de Pertis, another lovely blogger!

I'll post photos of my progress, I'm so determined to succeed in this challenge that if I haven't worn my hair in at least 3 different ways per week I'll get it cut into a more manageable bob!!

What hairstyles do you all think I should try? I'd love some tips!!

Toodle pip.


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