Fashion, turn to the left....

Well hello again!! After an evening of playing dress up at Clare's house so she could photograph me in all my new charity shop/jumble sale gear for this blog I feel I have fully regressed to my teenage self, sprawled across my bed drinking Diet Coke at this ridiculous hour and blogging (although as a teenager we didn't have a family computer let alone laptops!). I feel I should mention at this point that Clare and I have known each other for a very long time, she's one of my oldest and closest friends in fact. We met at college after having admired each other from afar at the bus stop and have been thick as thieves ever since (apart from a 5 year gap where we didn't speak, which was awful and I'm not proud of it).

When we first became friends we looked a bit like this (sorry Clare although you look SO much better than me!!):
In our early 20's we looked more like this:

Clare's bedroom is still quite similar now to how it was when we spent hours as teenagers in it, watching films, giving each other makeovers and dressing up for impromptu photoshoots. As you can see this is still a popular pastime for us!
Dress - Jumble sale
Shoes - a birthday gift from previous work colleagues many years ago (I was v.impressed by their generousity!!)
Skirt, blazer and belt - nicked from Clare
'Heathers' scowl - model's own
Skirt - Charity shop
Sweater - borrowed from Clare
Directional Kate Bush pose - model's own
Chinese brocade jacket - jumble sale
Leggings - H&M
Dress - nicked from Clare
Jumpsuit - Charity shop
Dress - jumble sale
Belt - borrowed from Clare
Sequinned sweatshirt - jumble sale
Vest - H&M
Jeans - Levis
Here I am pulling a face at some hideous people on 'Don't Tell The Bride', we switched it off shortly afterwards.


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'Spot' the difference

Well hello there,

I've made a few awesome clothes purchases recently but haven't been able to take any photos of myself in them to show you all so I've had to think about something else I can write about in the interim (lest you all worry I'd fallen off the face of the blogging earth!!).

Some of you may already know that the skin on my face is a constant source of aggravation and disappointment to me. It is usually very dry but during times of stress or the slightest hint of a hormonal imbalance whatever lies beneath the epidermis gets rather miffed and wages full-scale biological warfare, resulting first in very red spots which then - even with minimal poking and squeezing, and yes I know the cardinal sin of beauty is to fiddle with your spots but sometimes I just can't help it!! - develop into large scabby, dry patches.

Up until now I've never found anything which calms and heals this issue, most anti-spot products being too astringent and then anything moisturising only making the oil issue worse. Then last night I was rummaging around in my parent's bathroom cabinet to see if they had any Sudocrem as my mother had said it's the hot new beauty essential everyone is raving about as it's great for spots. She read this in the Daily Mail. So obviously it must be true.

Now, I didn't find any Sudocrem but I did find this Tisserand cream instead:

And it's brilliant!! The combination of antiseptic tea tree and soothing manuka honey means it keeps my spots from drying out but doesn't make my skin greasy and prone to more spots either. Even under full make up of primer, then foundation and concealer I barely notice they're there whereas before putting make up over them used to irritate them dreadfully.

Also feeling rather pleased as my latest purchase from Boots afforded me a £5 off voucher for their No.7 products. Now I love Boot's No.7 as it's very sympathetic to my sensitive skin and it's predilection for diva strops! So I bought myself this:

It really smoothes out my skin, covering any lines and unevenness so when I put my foundation on it looks a lot more natural and 'radiant'.

So that's nice.

A more interesting post coming soon, promise!!

TTFN!! xx
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