She looks good but her boyfriend says she's a tramp; she's a vamp but she still does her dance

Hi there,

Today I have been downloading some lovely new music to listen to on my iPod (I bought myself a rather snazzy new 'Touch' in white and it's currently my favourite toy). Most of the music I am in the mood for today is of the 60's girl group orientation as I am wearing a rather 60's outfit today, including an Alice band which is an unusual accessory for me!!

Here are some photos (I apologise for the rather grainy quality of the images, the lighting in my office toilets is not up to par and there is nowhere else to pose):

Dress - a charity shop gift from http://misssimmondssays.blogspot.com/

Alice-band - from Primark I think

I am also looking into joining a vocal harmony or jazz choir so I've been googling local groups and think I've found one in Amersham that might be worth a punt.

My friend is taking me to Oxford Dogs on Saturday night, it'll be my first trip and I am rather excited at the prospect of a flutter and a good dinner. I'll definitely take pictures!

Other things occupying my brain today are: Ebay vintage finds which I have no money for (sadly), planning to buy tickets to this year's Vintage Festival, where to go on my next National Trust jaunt, cocktails, and how I'd like my hair to look when I get it done tomorrow night.

Oh, and work!!


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Food glorious food....

So I have been out to buy my lunch for the rest of the week (being on a tight budget means that although I would love to purchase a different culinary delight for myself every day it proves to be expensive!!) and decided to re-instigate my old favourite of houmous, pitta bread, cucumber and carrot sticks. I also treated myself to a pot of Rachel's Organic low fat raspberry yoghurt.

Not sure if it's too late to give up something for Lent (?) and having never done it before I thought I'd attempt to relinquish my incessant need for wheat. Having moved back in with my parents I am now eating a lot more carbs than I did before and am therefore starting to feel a tad porky, so I thought if I can eat less or no wheat for a while I might feel better and lose a couple of inches into the bargain. So I purchased some 'Free From' pitta breads during my trip to Sainsbury's and have been pleasantly surprised by how delicious they are, especially when toasted. Yum!!

I felt a little sad when I went to buy my lunch, a visit to Cath Kidston and the Steamer Trading Cookshop usually illicits joyful bounding around but today it just reminded me of the stark fact that I no longer have my own home and am unlikely to for quite some time. It also made me think yet again about the prospect of children, and I'll ask the question that I wonder if all potential Mothers ask themselves: how do you reconcile the thought of having children with the fact you still feel like a child yourself? As I get older I only find myself more confused about such things.

Sorry, a boring and very 'wordy' entry today. I promise a more flippant and photo-centric post will follow soon enough when I am feeling more like myself again!!

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Question time... but not with Jeremy Paxman

Hello there ,

I do believe I've been tagged by http://misssimmondssays.blogspot.com/ to answer some questions so I'll oblige.

1. Who is your most bizarre celebrity crush? Most likely Freddie Mercury, up until the age of about 12 or 13 I literally had no idea he was gay.
2. What is/Would be your karaoke song? There are too many to choose from, one I enjoy singing in my car at the moment is 'Feeling Good' the Nina Simone version.
3. If you could invent your own course and teach it, what would it be? Can I pass on this?
4. Zombie Apocalypse weapon of choice? My dog, she's fierce.
5. What period in history would you most like to visit? Egyptian times!!
6. What's the most unusual food you've eaten? Chicken feet in Hong Kong.
7. Have you met any celebrities? Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath walked past Clare and I once.
8. How long have you been thrifting/op shopping/jumble saleing? On and off 13 years.
9. Which childhood cartoon/tv program scared you the most? Disney's Sleeping Beauty - Maleficent was terrifying.
10. What are 3 of your favourite books? The Kite Runner, Turn of the Screw, The Book of Lost Things.
11. What is your favourite film? Probably Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Now I believe I'm supposed to think of questions to ask other people and tag them but I'm tired and I don't know how to tag people yet so maybe another day!!

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And we all march to the beat of a drum

Hello there,
After a lengthy absence in which I've gone through a number of life changing events I am back and blogging again!
I've made the decision to open up my writing in here to things other than food. From now on I will write about all the things I love; fashon, film, art, literature, interiors, music, travel and everything else that goes into making me the happy-go-lucky bouncy kinda gal that I am.
It was my birthday over the weekend and I've had the loveliest time with lots of wonderful people and was given some amazing gifts. My very good friend Clare (http://misssimmondssays.blogspot.com/) and I went for a jaunt around Waddesdon Manor yesterday which was typically fabulous and included a rather decadent lunch. She is incredibly talented at arts and crafts, having made me a hair comb with felt flowers for Christmas, she fashioned me a beautiful fascinator which I plan to wear to several events over the coming months. Here are some gratuitous posing pictures showing off Clare's handywork:
Amusingly I also treated myself to a year's National Trust membership. Not sure if it's a sign of my age that I purchased it on my 29th birthday or if I'm just slightly eccentric seeing as I think I would've done it anyway no matter how old I am!!
Today I met some of my other lovely friends for a drink at the insanely opulent Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield http://crazybeargroup.co.uk/beaconsfield/ where I had a delicious 'French 75' cocktail and was showered with gifts (I am so so lucky). We then went to the less opulent but no less delicious Old Bengal for an Indian Sunday buffet lunch. I am now stuffed full of curry and rather sleepy.
All in all a smashing weekend!!
More posts to come soon.
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