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Hello there,
After a lengthy absence in which I've gone through a number of life changing events I am back and blogging again!
I've made the decision to open up my writing in here to things other than food. From now on I will write about all the things I love; fashon, film, art, literature, interiors, music, travel and everything else that goes into making me the happy-go-lucky bouncy kinda gal that I am.
It was my birthday over the weekend and I've had the loveliest time with lots of wonderful people and was given some amazing gifts. My very good friend Clare (http://misssimmondssays.blogspot.com/) and I went for a jaunt around Waddesdon Manor yesterday which was typically fabulous and included a rather decadent lunch. She is incredibly talented at arts and crafts, having made me a hair comb with felt flowers for Christmas, she fashioned me a beautiful fascinator which I plan to wear to several events over the coming months. Here are some gratuitous posing pictures showing off Clare's handywork:
Amusingly I also treated myself to a year's National Trust membership. Not sure if it's a sign of my age that I purchased it on my 29th birthday or if I'm just slightly eccentric seeing as I think I would've done it anyway no matter how old I am!!
Today I met some of my other lovely friends for a drink at the insanely opulent Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield http://crazybeargroup.co.uk/beaconsfield/ where I had a delicious 'French 75' cocktail and was showered with gifts (I am so so lucky). We then went to the less opulent but no less delicious Old Bengal for an Indian Sunday buffet lunch. I am now stuffed full of curry and rather sleepy.
All in all a smashing weekend!!
More posts to come soon.
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  1. yay I'm so glad you're back. I nearly typed black just then xxx

    1. I'm glad I'm back too!! I'd probably be even gladder if I were black.... xxx


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