Pre-pre Vintage 2012 excitement

So today I have been working very hard but I have also been getting incredibly excited about my trip to Vintage Festival 2012.

I will be sharing my tent (it's fairly palatial - I'm a glamper after all) with my darling friend Clare of Miss Simmonds Says fame and I cannot wait to doll up and get down to all the fantastic music, eat amazing food, see wonderful fashion, hair and beauty, design and art exhibits and generally just have a right old knees up.

With this in mind I have been scouring the internet for sartorial inspiration - as you're all aware summer has been a wash out (literally) so far this year so it is with trepidation that I will be packing my suitcase for Vintage. At the moment I am leaning towards era's that allow for plenty of layering and a certain amount of scruffiness. After all, perfect make up and elegantly coiffed hair doesn't have much longevity when faced with gale force winds and torrential rain. So I will be taking my influences from the 70's and 80's for their wearable, fluid and easily layered pieces - I hope this will enable me to stay warm and dry whilst looking uber glam.

I'm inspired so far by:

Image credits to various users of lookbook.nu,  and Google image library.

Now, I suppose Courtney Love and Nicole Richie are somewhat controversial choices but I love Courtney's take on the 70's Stevie Nicks look and although Nicole Richie can be considered somewhat bland and a bit of a clothes horse I do like her way of pulling together that lovely relaxed 70's hippy style, although personally I would clash colours and patterns more so as not to play it as 'safe'.

Anyway, I'll be out and about a lot over the weekend flyering for Vintage at various local events so I'll try to take photos and post them.

I'm also being whisked off to Cornwall for a long weekend next week so I'll be sure to write lots about that too!!

Bye for now.

L xx
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