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Hi everyone,

Blogging is going to be a bit difficult for the next couple of weeks, I moved house over the weekend (in the snow!) and won't have broadband until 6th February. Nightmare. When I have the opportunity to I'll blog from work but otherwise I might become one of those people who treks to Starbucks and drinks coffee whilst using their wi-fi to blog. Which doesn't sound so bad. So bear with me.

I'm planning to give my blog an overhaul soon as well, a fresh new look for a new year. And because I now have a Mac at home I should be able to learn how to do a great make over on my blog! Here's hoping.

But for now I'm going to talk about makeovers of a different kind. The weekend before last I went shopping with my good friend Clare, I snaffled a few bits and bobs in the sales but will post about those another day!

One of our stops was M&S and en route to the undies section I was distracted by their brand spanking new beauty department. They now stock lots of interesting brands I'd never seen before. One of which is Apivita.

Here's a little bit about the brand: APIVITA has been creating natural effective and holistic products since 1979 to promote health and beauty.

- All products have a natural ingredients content ranging between 80% - 100%
- All new product developed are free of commonly used synthetic ingredients, a fact that minimizes side effects
- All products consist of environmentally friendly ingredients
- Ingredients are mainly sourced from the 5,500 herbs available in the Greek nature, combined with pure bee products and organic essential oils

Their packaging is just lovely and I was intrigued so I bought a couple of their Express Face Masks with pomegranate extract for £3.00.

That evening I was staying at my parent's house and whenever I stay there I love to have a bath in their huge cast iron tub!!

So I thought this would be the ideal opportunity to road-test the new face mask!

It's very light and almost gel-like when you put it on, and feels cool and calming.

Afterwards my skin felt soft, replenished and definitely had more of a glow to it than normal. Which I guess means the mask does exactly what it says as it is for replenished, radiant skin.

I also really liked the fact that my skin didn't feel tight or dry afterwards which I generally experience with other face masks.

I was impressed!!

I really like their range of lip balms too...

Particularly the blackcurrant one. It smells lovely and leaves a sheer, purple-red stain on your lips.

But at £5 a pop I've put it on my birthday list as personally I think that's a bit much to spend on a lip balm.

You can buy Apivita products from M&S online here should you want to try any of their products for yourselves.

I have recently been raving about another skincare brand, Skin Wisdom from.... Tesco! The supermarket chain partnered with skincare guru Bharti Vyas to create a range of products and the result is brilliant. Reasonably priced skincare that has had an amazing effect on my problematic skin. I use their cleansing, toning and moisturising products and my skin is soft, radiant, spot and wrinkle free! Even the scarring that I had from some of my worst spots has diminished quite significantly.

Being someone who doesn't like to wear a lot of make up I recently purchased their 'Instant Benefits' Tinted Moisturiser for £4.00 and have been really pleased with it. Even smooth coverage, it blends really easily and brightens up my face without looking like I've been piling the slap on!

Skin Wisdom products available here.

When I go out of an evening though I do like to feel a little more 'made up' but still natural so when I was in House of Fraser the other week I went to the Chanel counter and asked to try their Vitalumiere Aqua foundation as I'd heard so many other people raving about it.

I wasn't disappointed at all!! Retailing at approximately £32.00 it's another one for my birthday list but as I'd need to use it so sparingly I think it'll last me for months so would be a good investment!

What beauty products do you love/swear by?


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