'Steamy' and Sunday

Hi there!

I hope you're all well and had lovely weekends - what did you get up to?

I haven't got a lot to blog about today although I went to watch my boyfriend play rugby on Saturday and as it was colder than it's been in a while I decided to wrap up very warm in my parka jacket. I also stole my boyfriend's old beanie hat.

I didn't realise until I looked at this photo afterwards that the whole ensemble makes me look like a member of early 90's boyband East 17. Or a rapper. But I was nice and cosy so it had the desired effect!!


East 17

For anyone blissfully unfamiliar with East 17's body of work here is something to potentially make/ruin your day....

Please excuse the not great photo quality. I am slightly reticent about having my photo taken at the moment as due to being too busy with work before Christmas to get to the gym anywhere near as much as I'd like, stress-eating junk food from being busy with work then the usual feasting over Christmas I have put on quite a bit of weight.

I need to lose about 3/4 of a stone so am not feeling too body confident and so I have renewed my commitment to the gym with fervour, this also gives me a great excuse to leave work on time rather than staying late like I did last year. I went to my first boxercise class yesterday in a good few years and whilst I had fun I must've used muscles that hadn't been used to being used in a while as I am walking like a gay cowboy today!!

I'm also enjoying making healthy food but with exciting flavours and ingredients, so perhaps until I am feeling slimmer and happier having my photo taken I should instead do more recipe posts in case any of you are looking to shed some Christmas poundage too!!

Prior to watching rugby on Saturday I had to get my nails sorted out as my acrylics had grown way too long over the festive season and what with my rugby training re-starting tonight I have to have them much shorter.
I chose a suitably grey shade when it came to the polish, very apt for January I feel!!

Even though I am on a major health and fitness kick at the moment I am still allowed the occasional treat. So yesterday evening my boyfriend and I went for a lovely Sunday roast at The Royal Saracen's Head in Beaconsfield (one of my favourite local towns!). I was well behaved and had roast chicken with plenty of veggies and not too many roast potatoes so I felt I could allow myself a more 'sinful' dessert - of sticky toffee pudding!! And yes dear readers, it really was every bit as delicious as it looks in the photo.

My boyfriend who annoyingly doesn't really have to watch his weight went for the chocolate torte....

It was a good end to a nice and relaxed weekend!!

Happy Monday to you all - here's hoping the week goes well.


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