Shopping List Winter 2012

Hey folks!

Sorry for not posting in a while, life has been taken over by work and rugby.

This weekend I'm out to celebrate one of my best friends' 30th birthday so tonight I'm dashing to Westfield in Shepherd's Bush with some of my other gal pals to pick up her present (it's a very special one but at the moment it's a secret so I can't divulge further details until after she's received it!!).

What with it being pay day the urge is rising in me to blow a tonne of money on some new clothes as the shopping bug seems to have bitten hard lately. However I mustn't because I have to save my benjamins for Christmas presents for other people, booooooo!!

I have seen a lot of things that I like though and it coincides with the fact that I want to channel my inner goth of late. I used to wear a lot of goth clothing in the 90's and early 2000's, combined with lashings of riot grrrl attitude and with a nod to the quirky cartoon leanings of harajuku style. Over the last few years my sense of style became rather muted and more mature and recently I've started to wonder where that crazy goth girl went.

So I'm on a mission to dress more fun and bring her back!!

This is a rather meagre moodboard but kind of sums up the direction I want to head in.....

The sequin panda bag and velvet brothel creepers are from ASOS.

Leather skater skirt is from Ebay.

Owl bag is from Ebay.

I'm particularly taken with the 'Home Alone' themed Christmas jumper, seeing as it was (and still remains) one of my favourite films of the 90's. This is also from Ebay.

Blue earrings H&M.

Silver spike earrings are from an amazing online jewellery shop called Kukee, all their items are very cheap and they do some really fun and quirky things - perfect for yourself, a friend or for stocking fillers at Christmas!!

'Talk nerdy to me' t-shirt from Republic.

Dinosaur & moustache necklaces from Kukee.

I know a lot of people have items from Black Milk but I absolutely love their Cathedral skirt and if I get paid a whacking great bonus at the end of December I'm definitely going to buy it.

Galaxy maxi skirt from Boohoo.

Moustache smoking slippers from Boohoo also (I seem to have a thing for moustaches?)

Super cute cat t-shirt dress from Ebay.

Post to come soon with outfit shots from my last shopping trip (I've been lax I know) and an update from my weekend of 30's fun!!

Have a fab weekend all.


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Insta-update. Again.

Hey folks!

So yet again I am sorry for my lack of presence lately, both from my own blog and from commenting on all of yours!!

I wish I could say it's because I've been really busy doing lots of amazing things. That's only half true. I've mostly been busy with work and although I've done some pretty cool stuff when I've found the time it's more a lack of motivation to write anything that's kept me away lately. Sorry.

However I do make a point now of taking as many photos as I can of all the things I do get up to seeing as the camera on my new Samsung Galaxy is pretty awesome and always with me!

So here's a little recap on some things I've been out and about at lately:

Eating obscene amounts of food on a recent visit to GBK at Westfield

Clare and I went to a private viewing at Angelika Studios - an art event worth going to in our relatively culture-less home town!!

I also went bowling one Saturday night with my sister, Oli and a couple of his friends. I was rubbish but not as rubbish as I thought I would be!!

The general ephemera in my room, for some reason my shelf looks incredibly wonky!!

New boots - I love them, they're really comfy and were a total bargain

Wrapped up warm ready for a day of manning the outdoor bar at my local rugby club

Bagels with pastrami, cheese, mustard, onion relish and dill pickles - amazing pick me up after a heavy night out

Hopefully I'll be back soon with plenty more to write about!!


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