Where Lisa Went: Sharm el Sheikh - Part One

Some of you may know that I went on holiday last week to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. I had a lovely time, enjoying some sunshine and relaxation!

Here's a little insight into what we got up to in our first couple of days there.

Our hotel was fab, with a striking view of the mountains and decorated in Moorish style. The rooftop pool was a fantastic feature although with the weather not being much below 40 degrees most days it was more pleasant to sunbathe and swim up there after 3pm!

I wore one of my favourite Zara dresses for our first night out.

We had a lovely dinner at the hotel and a few free cocktails before jumping into a taxi and heading for Na'ama Bay.

Which was like the kind of strip of bars etc you'd find in Greece.

On acid.

(hilarity at this place being called a 'cataract resort')

Even though it wasn't a very authentic Egyptian place to be I decided to make the most of it and smoke a shisha pipe. If anyone doesn't know what a shisha pipe is, it's a water pipe. You inhale the smoke through the long pipe and the tabacco is usually flavoured which makes it much nicer than normal smoking! Although obviously I don't advocate smoking but I am an ex-smoker myself and so don't think shisha pipes are as bad for you when used once in a while.

It was all very neon!!

We went on a day trip on Tuesday to a place called Tiran Island to do some snorkelling. We boarded a lovely big boat and sped out to sea. On the way a pod of wild dolphins swam and jumped alongside our boat which was just magical - luckily I managed to video some of their daring swimming exploits on my phone. It was incredible!!! 

It was the first time both of us had done snorkelling and we absolutely loved it. We were taken through lagoons that had the most beautiful coloured coral, the water was incredibly clear and azure blue and we were surrounded by amazingly vivid fish. One of my colleagues had very kindly lent me his underwater camera so we tried it out, hoping to get some good fish photos. They were a bit shy on this trip but we managed to get some better ones later in the week...

After three snorkelling stops we were tired and starving. We were given a delicious lunch on the boat, really simple traditional North African food of spiced fish and chicken, rice and vegetables. Once we had eaten our fill we were shipped back to shore, ready for more adventures.

More to follow....


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