Ladies that brunch, a Birthday in Brazil (!) and making gin

Hi there!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Mine was excellent but went far too quickly, as they always do!!

On Saturday I met up with Clare for a very grown up (or as grown up as we get!) brunch. We both plumped for eggs benedict and freshly squeezed orange juice. Turned out the juice was so fresh it had already attracted a couple of thirsty little flies, we sent our drinks back and were given new ones, only for Clare to find another guest towards the bottom of her glass!! We complained - very nicely, apologetically and in typical British fashion - and received a refund. The food was delicious so we'll definitely go back, we just might not have the juice again!!

Clare looked amazing, I am so envious of her hair right now!

Clare - dress from Ebay

Me - blouse from a charity shop

Eggs Benedict, mmmmm

Getting a bit addicted to having my nails done properly by a professional!!

On Saturday night one of my very good friends Isabelle celebrated her 30th birthday.
We started the night at the house she shares with her tres amusing boyfriend Rich, who made her this amazing looking cake!!

In true Isabelle fashion (she does this every year) the location of her birthday bash was kept a secret from us, all we knew was that we were all getting a mini-bus into London for the evening.....
It turned out she had put us on the guest list for a bar/club in the West End called Guanabara which coincidentally due to my love of brazilian music and all things 'carnival' related I had been dying to go to for ages!!

Julie on the left, Isabelle on the right


Fantastic dancers

We made a sign for our absent friend Holly who is currently residing in the land of Oz and sent her the photo via Viber

The cocktails were lethal, and totally more-ish. In this photo we're drinking White Russians

Oliver and I, he wears shirt from H&M, I wear hat from ASOS, dress from Wallis

Here I am with Steph, there's a bit of a height difference so I am bending and she is on tip toes!!

On Sunday I had made plans to go over to my Aunt's house so we could make sloe gin in preparation for Christmas (I'll be giving mine out in little bottles to people as gifts). I have to say that buying two 1 litre bottles of gin at quarter to 11 on a Sunday morning when you have a raging hangover does not feel classy.

Luckily my Aunt made me a delicious 'pick me up' lunch of North African spiced soup with mediterranean herb bread

And I got lots of cuddles and kisses from her two lovely dogs.....


and Megan

He's freakishly long and thin when he stretches out!!

I LOVE my Aunt's kitchen

When I got home on Sunday afternoon I decided to do some epic cooking/baking but I'll keep the results of that for a special recipe post another day!!

Not feeling the whole 'Monday' thing today - how about you?

L xx

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