Grown-up Goth

Hi everyone,
Just a quick post today - thought I'd show you my outfit of the day.
Since I turned 30 back in February I've realised I'm a lot more relaxed about my style. I'm not so bothered anymore about 'standing out from the crowd' or trying to be too individual. Much as I love and admire my blogging friends who continue to push sartorial boundaries whatever their age, shape or size, I've found that when it comes to my style it's not so much about what I wear, but how I wear it and my confidence in it that gives me my own sense of style.
When I was younger I was a goth and although I may have evolved past some of the 'dodgier' elements of this particular uniform (I tend not to wear fetish gear in public anymore...) I still find myself adding little gothic touches to many of my outfits, today's is a case in point.

Necklace - a present from a friend
Jumper - Golddigga
Skirt - Primark
Wedge trainers - Primark
I like to think that this outfit is sleek, grown-up goth meets sports-luxe, but then I may just be bandying names about....
I know everyone and their dog has a pair of these trainers but I had been lusting after the Ash ones for months and my budget will never stretch that far!! The Primark knock offs are super comfy and a fraction of the price.
Happy hump day bloggers!!
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