'Eye Spy'

Hi everyone!

One of my birthday presents from the lovely Mister 'Whatlisawrote' were tickets for the London Eye. Some people might not think this is particularly exciting but I have lived approx 40 minutes by train outside of London for my whole life and watched in awe at the news reports during the construction and assembly of the eye. Every time I head into town I end up walking nonchalantly beneath its lofty heights with all the other Londoners.

But I am really a tourist in my own capital city and thought going on that giant ferris wheel looked like the best fun. Luckily my boyfriend listens to me whitter on about these things because he surprised me with tickets!! So the Sunday before last we got wrapped up warm and headed into the 'big smoke'.

We arrived at the Eye and boarded our 'pod'.

And slowly we ascended into the skies.

We were given a handy map of points of interest to look out for, someone decided to study this intently rather than pose for a photo....

Ah, that's better.

Despite the fact that it was a very gloomy overcast day, we could still see for miles.

I was excited when I spotted London's newest addition to its skyline, the Shard!

Hat off...

Hat on....

After we disembarked we began walking back to central London.

This is my usual view of the Eye.

And Westminster.

We passed Queenie's residence.

Then headed for lunch at Belgos, one of my favourite places in Covent Garden. I'm sorry, I was too hungry to take any photos of my food. People who live in London are probably familiar with Belgos but it's a great place to spend a cosy hour or two, what with it being Belgian themed and underground. Details here.

We managed to find a pub to hole up in for the England rugby match after lunch, the cider was good!

Then made our way back to Marylebone for our train home.

What a lovely day!!


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