friday food...

good morning fellow foodies!

today has had a good start as my Director bought bacon sandwiches for everyone in the office. now, even though i am supposed to be on a bit of a health kick at the moment the temptation of white bread with crispy bacon and lashings of ketchup was too much to resist so i indulged!

luckily i have a healthier and more nutritious lunch option of goats cheese, rocket and cucumber salad with honey & mustard dressing so all is not lost.....

it is my friend Belle's birthday this weekend so tonight or tomorrow i am going to be making her some (hopefully) delicious cakes as part of her birthday present. as we are having such unseasonably warm weather this week i shan't use the sort of recipe i usually would at this time of year which would call for warming spices, toffees, caramels and chocolates - thick dense cakes with wonderfully rich toppings.

no, because indian summer is upon us i am honouring it with my choice of cakes;

  • orange cupcakes with cream cheese and orange oil frosting

  • lemon cupcakes with rosewater icing

i will of course let you know how i get on with these recipes and will post photos of the end result!

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i will mostly write about food (a subject that is an old friend to me!). i'm a keen foodie, i bake often and i eat out on a regular basis so this blog will be packed with recipes, photos and recommendations when it comes to all things gastronomical.


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