terribly lazy!

Hello all,

So sorry for my lackadaisical approach lately to this blogging malarkey - the time keeps running away from me. Perhaps I should tackle it the same way as my work load i.e. to do lists and reminders on my outlook calendar?

Anyway, lots of food related fun has been occurring lately, firstly with a successful bake of a 'Pirate's Treasure Map' cake for my nephew's birthday. He was thrilled and I was very pleased with the final result.

I only have a picture of it when it was a 'work in progress', my sister-in-law is due to send me a picture taken at the birthday party of it when it was finished (silly me forgot to do that!) so I will upload that when I receive it;

Must get commissions from friends with children so I can make more and hone my craft!! As a first attempt I was impressed though.

Last week my lovely boyfriend took me to one of our favourite restaurants for a very delicious dinner. If you are ever in the Slough/Burnham/Cippenham area please do check it out on my recommendation, it is in a peculiar location and has the misleading name of Tummies which personally I think makes it sound a tad like a takeaway, however the Swiss chef there is excellent and the food is always fantastic! http://www.tummies.net/

In honour of it being National Baking Week this week I made miniature shortbread biscuits, they went down a treat in the office with my colleagues which is always nice to see. With a couple of days still left in a week dedicated entirely to baking I may push the boat out and make muffins or brownies too.

Watch this space for a Halloween related update!

Ta ta for now.

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