Question time... but not with Jeremy Paxman

Hello there ,

I do believe I've been tagged by http://misssimmondssays.blogspot.com/ to answer some questions so I'll oblige.

1. Who is your most bizarre celebrity crush? Most likely Freddie Mercury, up until the age of about 12 or 13 I literally had no idea he was gay.
2. What is/Would be your karaoke song? There are too many to choose from, one I enjoy singing in my car at the moment is 'Feeling Good' the Nina Simone version.
3. If you could invent your own course and teach it, what would it be? Can I pass on this?
4. Zombie Apocalypse weapon of choice? My dog, she's fierce.
5. What period in history would you most like to visit? Egyptian times!!
6. What's the most unusual food you've eaten? Chicken feet in Hong Kong.
7. Have you met any celebrities? Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath walked past Clare and I once.
8. How long have you been thrifting/op shopping/jumble saleing? On and off 13 years.
9. Which childhood cartoon/tv program scared you the most? Disney's Sleeping Beauty - Maleficent was terrifying.
10. What are 3 of your favourite books? The Kite Runner, Turn of the Screw, The Book of Lost Things.
11. What is your favourite film? Probably Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Now I believe I'm supposed to think of questions to ask other people and tag them but I'm tired and I don't know how to tag people yet so maybe another day!!

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  1. yay! well done! get networking and commenting on other people's blogs x

  2. I loved The Book of Lost Things!

    1. It was rather sinister wasn't it?! I like sinister books, especially when combined with fairy tales. I haven't been able to find any other books like this one.... Good cover art too depending on which copy you have/had.

    2. Oh it was and goes to show how dark those faery tales were. I think it was the harpies that spooked me!

      The cover of mine is red with the black thorns and silhouettes.

    3. I think I found the Crooked Man the scariest character. The cover of yours sounds similar to mine except the background is navy and the thorns and silhouettes are gold.

    4. He was rather sinister. To be honest I thought the ending a little, well, abrupt.


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