She looks good but her boyfriend says she's a tramp; she's a vamp but she still does her dance

Hi there,

Today I have been downloading some lovely new music to listen to on my iPod (I bought myself a rather snazzy new 'Touch' in white and it's currently my favourite toy). Most of the music I am in the mood for today is of the 60's girl group orientation as I am wearing a rather 60's outfit today, including an Alice band which is an unusual accessory for me!!

Here are some photos (I apologise for the rather grainy quality of the images, the lighting in my office toilets is not up to par and there is nowhere else to pose):

Dress - a charity shop gift from http://misssimmondssays.blogspot.com/

Alice-band - from Primark I think

I am also looking into joining a vocal harmony or jazz choir so I've been googling local groups and think I've found one in Amersham that might be worth a punt.

My friend is taking me to Oxford Dogs on Saturday night, it'll be my first trip and I am rather excited at the prospect of a flutter and a good dinner. I'll definitely take pictures!

Other things occupying my brain today are: Ebay vintage finds which I have no money for (sadly), planning to buy tickets to this year's Vintage Festival, where to go on my next National Trust jaunt, cocktails, and how I'd like my hair to look when I get it done tomorrow night.

Oh, and work!!


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    1. Thanks Melanie, Clare has such a great eye for things so I can't take credit I'm afraid. It is very wearable though.

  2. yeah work isn't really on my mind either. That dress looks so much better on you! Can't wait for our next national trust visit... oh and like the vintage page on facebook, they're announcing line ups

    1. Thanks!! It's such a nice dress. I'm so excited for our next NT visit and I am now liking Vintage on Facebook. Will buy tickets on my next pay day. Incidentally there's a Travelodge about 5 miles away from Vintage if you did want to go for the whole weekend, rooms about £36 per night at the mo.

  3. Oh Lisa, that dress is fabulous, I love it on you.
    I'm trying to restrain from eBay buying as I want to go away again soon but cute things keep popping up and I can't help myself! x

  4. Thanks Vix!! I sometimes find it difficult to wear 60's style shift dresses, being slightly more curvy than the usual type of girl they used to design for, but I find that dress is quite flattering! Are you saving to go to India again? I've never been and would love to go one day. x

  5. You really suit lipstick. I use Lipcote and it definitely works to a certain extent. Much better than using nothing. Just don't make the mistake of wearing lipstick to the dentist. I was stupid enought to do this and found it all over my face. Luckily I have a lovely dentist who brought it to my attention straight away and passed me a mirror for repair work:)


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