Fashion, turn to the left....

Well hello again!! After an evening of playing dress up at Clare's house so she could photograph me in all my new charity shop/jumble sale gear for this blog I feel I have fully regressed to my teenage self, sprawled across my bed drinking Diet Coke at this ridiculous hour and blogging (although as a teenager we didn't have a family computer let alone laptops!). I feel I should mention at this point that Clare and I have known each other for a very long time, she's one of my oldest and closest friends in fact. We met at college after having admired each other from afar at the bus stop and have been thick as thieves ever since (apart from a 5 year gap where we didn't speak, which was awful and I'm not proud of it).

When we first became friends we looked a bit like this (sorry Clare although you look SO much better than me!!):
In our early 20's we looked more like this:

Clare's bedroom is still quite similar now to how it was when we spent hours as teenagers in it, watching films, giving each other makeovers and dressing up for impromptu photoshoots. As you can see this is still a popular pastime for us!
Dress - Jumble sale
Shoes - a birthday gift from previous work colleagues many years ago (I was v.impressed by their generousity!!)
Skirt, blazer and belt - nicked from Clare
'Heathers' scowl - model's own
Skirt - Charity shop
Sweater - borrowed from Clare
Directional Kate Bush pose - model's own
Chinese brocade jacket - jumble sale
Leggings - H&M
Dress - nicked from Clare
Jumpsuit - Charity shop
Dress - jumble sale
Belt - borrowed from Clare
Sequinned sweatshirt - jumble sale
Vest - H&M
Jeans - Levis
Here I am pulling a face at some hideous people on 'Don't Tell The Bride', we switched it off shortly afterwards.


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  1. Lovely to see you posing! You look fab!
    It's good that you have a friend like Clare.


    1. Thanks dearie!! It was fun to do and it's always better to see clothes on people than on a hanger!

      I am so lucky to have Clare as a friend, she is so lovely and helped me pimp my blog too so big props to her!!


  2. Yay! Now you need more people to read your blog!!

    1. Thanks so much for making it look so sexy! We'll try and be-friend these fashion bloggers at the Clark's thing next week.....

  3. Likin the new look blog. This was a very amusing post. Old photos are always fun! xx

    1. Thanks!! Clare re-designed it for me, I only had creative input so can't take the credit!! I love looking through old photos just as much as I like posing for new ones! xx

  4. I love the posing and it's lovely to hear about your friendship with the wonderful Clare! The blog's looking ace! x

    1. Thanks Vix, Clare's done such a great job on sorting out my blog for me. Those pictures were so much fun to take! x

  5. Love your little gold shoes! =)



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