Mommy dearest

Hello there lovelies,

Literally falling asleep as I write this so apologies if this post ends up being riddled with spelling mistakes.

Just a quick shout out to my Mum really seeing as it's Mother's Day.
Here she is looking suitably lovely. She is all the more special because twice in my lifetime I have come close to losing her (she has successfully kicked cancer's ass on two occasions) so although quite often I take the piss out of her and sometimes we argue, she is an amazing lady, a great Mum and the best friend a girl could have.

I treated her to a home cooked 3 course dinner tonight. I forgot to photograph the first course (grilled halloumi on rocket, spinach & watercress leaves with harissa dresssing) but managed to remember to take photos of the second and third courses so without further ado....

Lamb tagine for Dad and I
Vegetable tagine for Mum and my Sister
Raspberry cheesecake!!

I was pleased with how it all turned out and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Mission accomplished and Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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  1. yay for your mum! your dinner looks amazing!!

    1. Thanks!! You should've photographed your pie!!!

  2. Your Mum is gorgeous! Give her a big hug from me (my Mum lost her battle). That menu sounds heavenly. xxx

    1. Thanks Vix, I'm sorry to hear that your Mum lost her battle. If she was anything like you though I'm sure she was awesome! xxx


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