These are a few of my favourite things....

Hello there!!

So, until I have more pictures of clothes purchases/food/myself to share with you I thought I'd tell you a bit more about myself and the things I like:

 I like the feeling of not wearing any make up. Unfortunately I don't like the way I look without make up on so it's rare you'll see a picture of me without a full face of cosmetics.
My teddy bear. My Grandmother gave him to me the day I was born. He has a wind up mechanism on his back which when you wind it he plays 'Rock-a-bye Baby', this still works as I rarely wind him up anymore. He has survived a house fire which is miraculous as I'd have been inconsolable had he been destroyed, really he should be called 'Invinci-Bear' (ha ha see what I did there?) but I prefer his real name of 'Teddy Mercury' as it reflects my long term love of Queen.
 Since I moved back in with Mum and Dad I use any minor opportunity to personalise my little bedroom. The cat magnet was a Christmas present from my Aunt, she also made me the ceramic heart.
 I love anything with birds on. I picked up this little beauty with a bell for £1.75 in a local crafts shop.

The family dogs are a constant source of joy to me. Stella is a beagle crossed with a golden labrador and Murphy is a corgi cross.

I also love; wearing my hair up in a high ponytail as I enjoy how it feels when it swishes from side to side in a rather jaunty manner, how when you listen to a certain piece of music it makes you feel so powerful and strong - like you could do anything you put your mind to.

What are your favourite things fellow bloggers?

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  1. You really remind me of Nico you know .. I knew you reminded me of someone but I couldn't place who.

    Your doggies are lovely! We knew a corgi cross and her pups, she was crossed with a collie so simply looked like a mini collie dog and her pups were ginger so looked like foxes! I miss having a dog, but with the bunnies it isn't possible.

    I am very attached to my bear Athena. I have lots of bears, but Athena holds a special place in my heart. When I picked her out in the shop the girls who served me put her in a paper bag and taped it around her neck so she could look out! When I was in hospital once, Andy brought her with him to keep me company, I'll have to take her picture.

    I love this post, I might steal your idea!


    1. So chuffed to be compared to Nico, she's one of my style icons so that's high praise indeed!! (and much nicer than some other people's comparisons of me with famous people!!)

      I love my dogs, they always put a smile on my face, Stella is a total clown and although Murphy's getting quite old now he still looks and runs around like a puppy - he is also quite ginger and so we think he looks like a fox too!!

      Ahh Athena sounds special (I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who would happily take a bear around with her in public), you should take her picture!!


  2. It's a really lovely post! oooh being compared to Nico is really cool! I love your doggies!

  3. What a lovely post! Your dogs are cuties, aren't they?
    You and Clare share a love of birdies, don't you? That one with the bell is so pretty. x

    1. Thanks Vix, yes my dogs are so lovely. I'd be so sad if I lived in a house without any animals!!

      Weirdly Clare and I both developed our bird fixation during the period where we were out of touch wih each other, I honestly think the universe kept us connected on so many levels as we still have so much in common now that it's freaky!!

      Lis x

  4. I am totally with you on the first thing unfortunately:( x

    1. It's a shame isn't it that we're made to feel so self-conscious nowadays about our appearances, women in the olden days didn't wear any make up at all and were still considered attractive!!! :)


  5. Absolutely love that he is called Teddy Mercury. Genius. xx


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