A day at the jumble....

Hello there,
I had a very productive and fun weekend.
On Saturday afternoon I accompanied Clare to the jumble sale at Naphill Village Hall (I grew up in Naphill but no longer live there, whenever I return it feels like I'm entering a weird parallel universe). I think I spent a grand total of £3.00 and came away with some fantastic swag....
My favourite: a blue and white polka dotted dress, original Berketex, looks ridiculously good on.
Amazingly 70's printed maxi dress, cannot wait for festival season when this will be teamed with a denim waistcoat, long necklaces and plenty of fringing for a Stevie Nicks look (I nicked this off of Clare, I owe her 30p).
A fine knit bat-wing jumper, will look great with wide legged jeans or trousers.
A royal blue Chinese brocade tuxedo/smoking style jacket from Monsoon (nicked off Clare, I owe her 30p!!). I plan to wear this to death.
Shame this picture doesn't fully illustrate the lovely bead work spanning out from the collar of this sweater, a modern take on the 20's style
A grey vest with a navy lace and satin bow, I think this will look cute with jeans but also tucked into a pencil skirt!
A Lipsy khaki tunic/long line shirt - will be great worn with skinny jeans or leggings.
An aubergine coloured M&S bias cut dress
I also bought some tortoiseshell 'Wayfarer' style sunglasses, 3 books and 2 nicely coloured metal tea caddies which I'll use for storing stuff in.
All in all a great afternoon!!!
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  1. Yay! Can't wait to see the dress on! You picked really wisely. I just grabbed everything!

    Try and get rid of the word verification for your comments, it puts people off posting them apparently!

    I WANT MY 60P or else!

    1. Eeek, I'll proably need you to show me how to do that!! 60p coming very soon :) x

  2. Pictures of you in them please!

    1. Coming soon, might rope Clare and her digital SLR into doing a photo shoot this weekend!! x


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