....and a night at the races

On Saturday night my friend Hazel and I had a night out at Oxford Dogs, it was my first visit to the world of greyhound racing and I had an absolutely fabulous time. We had a delicious 3 course dinner and both had substantial wins (£21.40 for me and £45.80 for her!!), I'll definitely go again!!
I arrived at her house and was greeted with balloons, cake, pressies, party poppers and Schloer! This is because she didn't get to see me for my birthday weekend.
I must admit that when I've been to the horse racing in the past I've had a bit of betting fever, the dogs were no different!!
Can't wait for my next visit.......
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  1. yay! She totally spoiled you! Looks great fun!

  2. It was SO fun, you'd have loved it. I'll take you soon!! xx

  3. I haven't been to the dogs for years, I'd forgotten how much fun it was. x


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