Where Lisa Went: Marlow Regatta, darling

Last weekend I went to Marlow Regatta. I really enjoy this yearly event and hadn't been for the last couple of years. Rowing is really exciting to watch, one of the women rowers lost her oar at one point which was the source of much hilarity to everyone (including her!). Marlow Regatta is the smaller, less celebrity studded sister to the Henley Royal Regatta, I think I prefer it that way.

We picnicked and drank plenty of prosecco.

And watched the rowing, obviously. I don't have many photos of that as there wasn't a lot of room in the viewing area of our enclosure and it was full of people jostling to watch the races.

We were happy to watch from afar and sunbathe though.

Our gazebo even had a chandelier, you know, for that decorative touch!

I've no idea what's happening in that photo...

At Marlow Regatta you're encouraged to make an effort to look smart if you have tickets to the enclosure, so everyone was looking very dapper.

My dress is from H&M (it's now in the sale!) and my Rayban lookalikes are from Primark.

A lovely tipsy day out was had by all!

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  1. How the other half live, eh?
    My only knowledge of regattas is serving lobster, stuffed crab and Champagne at Henley back in the days of my corporate hell.
    The weather looked fantastic and I love the chandelier in your gazebo. xxx

  2. Haha, well we had £7.00 tickets for the enclosure and took our own picnic and booze so it worked out being quite a thrifty day in the end.

    I would hate to serve posh food to the twatty people who pay loads of money to go on corporate jollies to Henley, that'd be a nightmare!!


  3. ahaha! love the chandelier! Gorgeous day for messing about on the river


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