P-day, V-day and B-day

Hi everyone!

So very sorry for not posting lately, or commenting on any of your blogs. Work has been ridiculously busy so I haven't had time to do an update.

I will do a proper one soon, for now this is a bit of a 'cop out' photo update from the last couple of weeks - mostly as a reminder to myself that I have had a bit of a life outside of work!

I baked some cereal bars to have at lunch whilst at work.

I tried out one of the hairstyles I posted about here ( I have tried others but not got any photos yet, post to follow soon!!).

I'm a bit obsessed with my recent purchase from ASOS - an aviator jacket. I've wanted one for ages.

Eating aforementioned cereal bar.

On a horrible rainy day enjoying the rugby, Kettle Chips and a blanket!!

Our first roast dinner in the new flat. Home made of course.

We celebrated pancake day - who didn't?!

It's my birthday next Monday, a new Moda in Pelle has opened around the corner from my offices - I bought myself an early birthday treat in the sales.

I made 'Mister WhatLisaWrote' a Valentines card with my own fair hands. He's so wonderful I wanted to make something special for him.

And finally I organised a pre-birthday lash up with a group of lovely friends from rugby before the official festivities kick off this weekend (it's my 30th so I'm milking it!). We went to my new favourite bar in Marlow called Baroosh for dinner and then lots of drinks!!

I had duck confit for dinner. It was really quite fabulous!

Everyone got exceptionally drunk....

Shots were involved, and prosecco....

I shouldn't drink tequila!

I would definitely recommend Baroosh to anyone, they're a small chain of bars in a variety of locations - if there's one near you I'd suggest you pop in for a drink or three! Details here.
This weekend I will be celebrating my birthday with family and more friends so I'll be sure to post about my escapades.
Bye for now.
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  1. Did you do that birthday card?! It's amazing! I need to make some cereal bars too. Looking forward to seeing the jacket and boots later!

  2. All the food shoes nights out and cereals look fabulous.

    Hope work has eased up a bit and we'll have some more posts soon!

    Take care, look after yourself :) xx

  3. Looks like you had so much fun!… and shoes!!! x x x


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