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Hi there,

As many of you will know, I have been working in my spare time as an Ambassador for this year's Vintage Festival. Due to take place at the beautiful Boughton House in Northamptonshire this weekend I had been looking forward to it (and panicking over what to wear) for quite some time now.

So it was with great dismay that I read a text from Clare of Miss Simmonds Says fame while I was away last week stating that Vintage 2012 had been cancelled.

"WHAT? CANCELLED?!" I yelped, a familiar sinking feeling in my stomach that can only be disappointment over something you're really truly looking forward to suddenly being snatched out from under your nose.

But then, another text message. All was not lost, Vintage 2012 have managed to get themselves a guest spot at another fabulous festival - that I had been considering attending anyway - called Wilderness. This will be taking place in Oxfordshire which is much nearer to my home, and in August which means we may (although I have my fingers crossed as I type this so as not to jinx it, which is no mean feat I tell you!!) have better weather and therefore I won't have to spend the entire weekend in waterproof clothing. Here's hoping, mackintoshes are not particularly glam and can be such a drag.

Now, if it is in fact possible I am even more excited that Vintage will be guesting at this years Wilderness Festival than I was about it's original incarnation. This is the festival that plays host to the Secret Garden Party which has a yearly theme - this year's is 'Rise of the Tribes'. I am rather hoping for a less murderous Lord Of The Flies experience, running and dancing with wild abandonment through the forest and dining by firelight.

There will also be Future Cinema - a dress up, live action experience of Bugsy Malone; a Lakeside Spa with treatments on offer and relaxed seating and lounging areas provided by Toast; theatre from the Petersham Playhouse; food by Yottam Ottolenghi, Fergus Henderson & St John and Valentine Warner amongst others and much much more!!

Have I sold it to you yet?

I know I'm impressed!!!!

I will be dancing to the Temper Trap and Rodrigo Y Gabriela and generally having a jolly old time. And with all the added excitement that Wayne Hemingway's team at Vintage can bring to the table too. What's not to love?

Roll on August I say, I'll be waiting with my bags packed!!!

L x

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  1. It looks brilliant and like you so wisely say, the weather a chance of perking up before then. I'm a Big Chill fan and am gutted it isn't taking place this year so I'm glad the legendary Norman Jay gets to do a DJ set there instead. Have a fab time and if I've got any cash I may see you there! x

    1. I really hope the weather does perk up by then Vix, summer this year has been a total bust so far!! I admire your bravery in having been to at least two festivals that I know of in all this awful weather!
      It would be lovely to see you there if you do end up going - I am so excited about it!!
      Lis xx

  2. Woah, this festival sounds so cool! I'd sell my soul just to get on a festival like this, unfortunately we don't have cool ones in Austria (I don't count frequency festival as a cool festival, it's just not the same if you've experienced peace&love festival in Sweden or a cool festival in England).
    Hope you have good weather then & can give us some insights into your busy work! Thanks for your lovely comment, by the way! I'm happy you found me!

    1. It's a shame you don't have any cool festivals in Austria, it looks like a place with lots of creative and interesting people (if you're anything to go by) so it's odd that there aren't any events to celebrate your diverse and cosmopolitan people!!
      I suppose in the UK we are rather spoilt for choice when it comes to festivals, what with lots of 'boutique' events taking place as well as more mainstream music festivals. Sadly our weather is so unpredictable and we have not had much of a summer so far. Wilderness is the perfect sort of thing for me as I am not someone who just wants to get wasted and watch bands!!
      Hopefully soon in Austria you will have good festivals of your own!!!
      Lis xx

  3. I'm stll so glad it's not this weekend, it would've been awful - mud and antique clothes do not mix


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