So I've had a very quiet weekend, conserving energy and funds for my trip to Dorset and Cornwall at the end of the week.

Miss Simmonds and I went to a couple of local fetes on Saturday so I could dutifully do some flyering for Vintage Festival (only 18 days and counting now!!) and I had planned to attend a Classic Car show yesterday to flyer there as well but I felt rather unwell so sadly had to give it a miss.

I did however take some Instagram photos of Saturday's frolics:

Tonight I am off to a local bar for a 'boutique cinema' screening of Shutter Island where I hope to give out some more flyers for Vintage - I'll try and take some sneaky snaps if I can!!

Bye for now.

L x
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  1. What a fun way to spend a weekend, I can't resist vintage cars, I'm all over them like a rash.
    Bet you're dead excited for Vintage, let's hope the weather picks up and it's sun dresses and straw hats all weekend. xxx
    PS Just read your comment, how kind! I'll message you on Facebook.

    1. It was enjoyable yes, there's usually lots of strange fetes happening locally for us to go along to!! Buckinghamshire is rather a peculiar place.

      I am SO excited for Vintage and I have actually been very inspired by your blog post about festival style because I was worried about what to wear if the weather is bad - I'm not worried now thanks to you!!

      Yes, I'll wait to hear from you on Facebook.

      L xxx


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